Wilted Flower

Wilted Flower by Christian Rothrock


From stillness and quietness my inner voice was heard

Many years I screamed, yet never said a word

Burdens and secrets crept in like a childhood monster at night

Sleepless, scared, and lonely nights awaited

Would someone ever hear my silent cry?


I walked around with smiles and blooming flowers

Little did anyone know there was a buried, wilted flower within

The flower didn’t want to die, but live

Could a wilted flower ever be saved and bloom like the rest?

Or would a wilted flower be thrown to the ground to be trampled on again?


During the stillness and quietness, finally my voice was heard

God had heard my desperate plea and inner screams!

He brought comfort, healing, and guidance

He listened when no one would

He listened when I thought no one could hear


It is possible for a once, wilted flower to bloom again after all

Even a trampled-on flower still has a chance if given water and sunlight

When no one can hear a wilted flowers desperate cry

God hears the cry and brings water and sunlight

With water and sunlight, a wilted flower blooms again




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