When You Feel God Isn’t Listening To Your Prayers

Do you ever feel that God is not listening to your prayers?You keep praying for the same thing day after day. It seems that he will never answer your prayer. You wait as patiently as you can. Eventually what you prayed for does not happen. A matter of fact, the complete opposite of what you prayed for happened. You become heartbroken and perhaps upset with God. How could he not answer my prayer? Did he not hear you crying out to him every day? The answer is YES! Yes, God heard your prayer and answered your prayer.

Wilted Flower

Do you ever feel noone can hear your desperate cry for help in your time of need? Do you ever feel you have so much you want to say , but cant seem to speak? There is is hope for you! There is someone who hears your desperate, silent cry even when you cant speak and have noone to turn to.

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