Mine By Blood






This is all I hear knocking at my door

The urgent call to answer draws me near

Once opened, the door refuses to close

How dare you impose?

I beg of you, depart from me!


My urgent desire to close the door increases

With all my force, I try to close it

I am too weak

I am not strong enough


I fight so hard that I soon become paralyzed and numb

I can no longer fight

I feel alone and helpless

The water is quickly arising as I sit here drowning in despair.

Will someone please save me?





I pray incessantly crying out to God

Please save me before I drown in despair!

Please shut the door for me!

I am too weak!

I am not strong enough!


Suddenly, I hear a soft- spoken, comforting, gentle voice

I have already saved you

Do you not remember?

You are mine by blood


Through me, you are strong

Through me, you are unbroken

Give me your broken pieces and let me mend them!

For you are not alone and don’t have to fear

I will help you if you let me.

-Christian Rothrock









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